Jessica Hart

Baby at Bushman’s Creek

Release Date: 2000

Determined city dweller Clare Marshall has risked everything to bring her motherless infant niece, Alice, to the hot and dusty Australian outback. Expecting to meet Alice's father, Jack, Clare is dismayed to discover his brother has turned up in his place. Gray Henderson is sceptical - What proof does he have that Alice is his brother's child? But his heart is soon captured by the adorable baby, and his passion stirred by her beautiful aunt. Together they're a family - at least, until Jack returns.


She leapt to her feet as the absurdity of the situation struck her. 'I can't believe that I'm actually thinking about marrying a man I haven't even...'
She stopped abruptly, as if she had been brought up short at the very edge of a chasm.

'Haven't even kissed?' Gray finished for her. He rose so that he could look down into Clare's face. 'Is that what you were going to say?'

Her breath leaked away at the realisation of how disturbingly close he was. 'Yes,' she said on a gasp, wanting to sound cool and composed and unperturbed, but acutely conscious instead of his nearness and of her heart booming thunderously in her chest.

'That's easily remedied, isn't it?'

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