Jessica Hart

Outback Husband

Release Date: 1999

Juliet Laing couldn’t bring up twin toddlers and run her beloved cattle station single-handed. She needed a manager – and quickly. Cue Cal Jamieson. With arrogant self-assurance, the irritating Australian claimed the post as his, and promptly moved into the homestead! Now he seemed intent on proving that the Outback was no place for an Englishwoman, captivating her two baby boys – and driving her to distraction! Juliet resolved to teach Cal just exactly who was boss. Until she discovered his true motive for coming to Wilparilla. It was the perfect excuse to fire him – so why couldn’t she do it?

A Little Bit Extra

This was a book I set out to write in quite a calculated way after discussion with my editor.  She suggested another outback book, and said that twins were a popular theme with readers.  So poor old Juliet got landed with two toddlers.  Cal, the hero, was obviously going to be outback man incarnate, and I started off by trying to think of a reason why he would give Juliet a job, or why she would need one.  And then I thought it would be more interesting to twist things round and make Juliet the boss instead...

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