Jessica Hart

The Right Kind of Man

Release Date: 1994

Lorimer wanted an efficient, reliable PA, preferably one who could type! Skye Henderson didn’t seem to fit any of these criteria, but he didn’t have any other options. Skye had run away from man trouble in one town only to run smack into Lorimer Kingan. Luckily, Skye didn’t go for the tall, dark and handsome types .. especially when they were her boss. Lorimer seemed highly suspicious about her qualifications. So she’d told a couple of white lies, so what? Being a PA couldn’t be all that difficult. Could it?

A Little Bit Extra

I’m very fond of Skye.  She’s one of those heroines that hangs around long after you’ve finished writing the book.  When I spot a colourful outfit or a particularly ridiculous pair of earrings, I’ll still think “Skye would look good in that” or “Skye would like those”.  I used to have a collection of dangly earrings which I gave to Skye, and I like to think that the parrots, fuschias, kangaroos and silly sheep that I once wore have achieved a sort of immortality in the pages of a book!

The Right Kind of Man is set in Edinburgh and Galloway, both places I know well.  I was at university in Edinburgh for three years, and Skye lives in a flat exactly like the one in Viewforth where my best friend lived.    Lorimer’s house by the coast doesn’t exist, but I know where it was, and every time I walk past that field on my way to the beach, I remember Skye and wonder what she’s up to now…

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