Jessica Hart

Wedding at Waverley Creek

Release Date: 2000

Jack Henderson was impossibly handsome, dangerously charming and way out of Ellie Walker's league! Jack's women were always glamorous, sophisticated, temporary. But now he needed a wife, someone to care for his baby daughter, Alice, and Ellie would make a perfect mother. In love with Jack for as long as she could remember, Ellie was going to have the wedding she always dreamed of, but would she ever be more to him than a convenient bride?


'My only alternative is to find myself a wife... and where am I going to find someone who'd be prepared to take me on with a baby?'

Ellie looked at Jack with a peculiar mixture of pain and pleasure.

It was wonderful just to be near him.

She drew a deep breath. 'What about here?' she asked, before she had a chance to lose her nerve.

'Here?' Jack's expression was half-abstracted, half-puzzled, and he was clearly wondering if he had heard her properly.

You could marry me,' Ellie heard her voice saying.

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