Jessica Hart


Release Date: 1996

When Serena met Leo Kerslake at a wedding, sparks flew! Wearing a frilly bridesmaid’s dress was bad enough, but coping with Leo, the devastatingly attractive best man, was sufficient to make her lose her cool. And then he proposed! He needed a fiancée – and he was prepared to pay. She was willing to accept – and asked for advance payment! Leo obviously thought she was the most mercenary woman on earth. But Serena was too proud to reveal the truth: she needed the money for a good cause, and she did find Leo very attractive.

A Little Bit Extra

I wrote this book while I was in Australia.  My cousin and her husband would go out to work during the day, and I would sit at their computer and try to ignore the fact that I was in Australia and the sun was shining …  Apparently once they came home and asked me how I’d got on that day, and I sighed and said I’d had a very difficult day writing a kiss – something I’ve never been allowed to forget!

I always rather liked Serena, but my editor told me I’d have to make her more sympathetic (‘toning down the autobiographical elements’, as one friend put it).  She’s still quite spiky, though, even after a rewrite, and I have to say I identified completely with her feelings at the wedding which opens the book…

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