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A Bride for Barra Creek
Release date: 2001 Bad boy turned self-made millionaire, Tye Gibson hasn't been in the Outback for nearly twenty years. But now he's come home to find himself a bride! Lizzy Walker is delighted when Tye offers her a job. (...)
A Sensible Wife
Release date: 1993 Another favourite, in spite of its terrible cover! Obviously, a lot of the background details are based on the time I lived and worked in Jakarta, and I had a very nostalgic time writing it (...)
A Sweeter Prejudice
Release date: 1991 The quiet country village of Stynch Magna was Abby's refuge - until Nick Carleton came roaring into it. She knew right fromt the start that she and the film actor couldn't possibly get along (...)
A Whirlwind Engagement
Release date: 2003 Josh and Bella have been friends for years, but suddenly Bella is starting to see “her Josh” in a very different light. She’s falling in love! (...)
Appointment at the Altar
Release date: 2007 Jessica Hart’s Appointment at the Altar provides the perfect ending to the Bridegroom Boss duo and give readers their much desired happily ever after with a few twists and some comical situations along the way. (...)
Assignment: Baby
Release date: 2002 Gabriel Stearne might be a brilliant businessman – but there is nothing on his illustrious CV about children! So the unexpected delivery to the office of a baby leaves him only one place to turn – his PA Tess Gordon. (...)
Baby at Bushman’s Creek
Release date: 2000 Determined city dweller Clare Marshall has risked everything to bring her motherless infant niece, Alice, to the hot and dusty Australian outback. Expecting to meet Alice's father, Jack, Clare is dismayed (...)
Barefoot Bride
Release date: 2007 Alice Gunning thinks she has the perfect life. She loves her job and swanky city apartment, and she’s about to get engaged. Until one day her boyfriend leaves her, she’s fired – and her lottery numbers come up! (...)
Birthday Bride
Release date: 1998 Sexy, glamorous … Claudia tried to think of three good things about being thirty as she sat on the plane on her way to celebrate her birthday. Well, her fellow passenger, David Cool-as-a-Cucumber Stirling (...)
Bride for Hire
Release date: 1997 Seth paused and looked across at Daisy who was listening with her wide, dark eyes and clear face. 'Are you the kind of girl who'd be prepared to do anything for money, Daisy Deare?' (...)
Business Arrangement Bride
Release date: 2006 Tyler Watts is rich, gorgeous and at the top of his game – except someone has just moved the goalposts! Now Tyler realizes he is sorely lacking the one status symbol that everybody seems to have (...)
Christmas Eve Marriage
Release date: 2004 The only thing Thea’s looking for on her vacation on the Greek island of Crete is a little R and R – she certainly doesn’t expect to find herself roped into being Rhys Kingsford’s pretend fiancée! (...)
Cinderella’s Wedding Wish
Release date: 2009 Efficient, witty and prim Miranda Fairchild has always blended into the background – her two beautiful sisters have seen to that! But that hasn’t stopped Miranda secretly dreaming of finding her fairy-tale prince (...)
Contracted: Corporate Wife
Release date: 2005 Patrick Farr is perfectly happy with his bachelor life, wining and dining beautiful young women. If only he could make them understand that he will never marry for love. Louisa Dennison is the perfect PA (...)
Critique service
I offer a manuscript critique service to aspiring authors, particularly romance writers, with detailed comments and constructive advice on characterisation, dialogue, plotting, structure and the vital emotional conflict that lies at the heart of every novel. An experienced writing tutor and award-winning novelist writing in two different genres, I can help get your manuscript ready for submission.
Defiant Love
Release date: 1993 Environmentalist Gussie was determined to challenge developer Hunter Scotts plans for a leisure complex. Hunter took her protests in his stride offering her a job as his environmental consultant. (...)
Fiancé Wanted Fast!
Release date: 2003 Phoebe is stuck: she has to go to her ex-fiancé’s wedding, put on a brave face and pretend that her life is just perfect. So her best friends devise a plan to help her out: she can hire their gorgeous new flat-mate (...)
For His Baby’s Sake
Release date: 2008 Drew Pemberton is footloose and fancy-free; how on earth will he cope with a tiny baby? In desperation, he turns to Rose, the woman he loved and lost. She's now a busy single mother (...)
Her Boss’s Baby Plan
Release date: 2004 Single mum Martha Shaw has a gorgeous new boss – she’s nanny to Lewis Mansfield’s niece and is about to spend six months on a tropical island with him and their babies! (...)
Her Ready-Made Family
Release date: 2006 Tyler Watts is rich, gorgeous and at the top of his game – except someone has just moved the goalposts! Now Tyler realizes he is sorely lacking the one status symbol that everybody seems to have (...)
Planning the most talked about wedding of the year is enough to make engineer Frith Taylor break out in a cold sweat. She’s used to construction sites, not wedding fairs! But estate manager George Challoner’s offer of help is too good to resist.
Honeymoon with the Boss
Release date: 2009 Top tycoon Tom Maddison is used to calling the shots – until his convenient marriage falls through. But rather than waste his honeymoon he’ll take his boardroom to the beach (...)
Inherited: Twins!
Release date: 2001 Strong, silent Outback rancher Nat Masterman doesn’t know the first thing about babies! Yet he has just become the guardian of eight-month-old twins – and he has to go to London to collect them! (...)
Juggling Briefcase & Baby
Release date: 2010 When boss meets baby! Lex Gibson is … nervous. The prospect of spending a weekend working with Romy, the only woman ever to touch his legendary guarded heart, has the lion of the corporate world …unsettled. (...)
Kissing Santa
Release date: 1996 Amanda was in search of a promotion, and persuading Blair McAllister to sell his Scottish castle to her company was bound to earn one for her. Her plan? To pose as nanny to his sister’s three children (...)
Last-Minute Proposal
Release date: 2008 Single City Girl... Cake-baker Tilly is taking part in a charity job swap, and when she's paired with ex-military maverick Campbell Sanderson, they get off to a rather sticky start (...)
Legally Binding
Release date: 1995 Jane was a sensible girl -- everyone said so. Ten years ago she'd been far too sensible to run away with the local rebel, Lyall Harding. But now Lyall was back and the bad boy had grown (...)
Love’s Labyrinth
Release date: 1994 Lefteris Markakis despised English girls, and now Courtney had stepped into his vendetta by intending to entertain tourists at the Villa Athina - which just happened to be owned by Lefteris' arch rival. (...)
Marriage Reunited
Release date: 2006 Four years ago Georgia Henderson had a fantastic job and a loving husband. But his demanding career often kept him away from home. Now, with her marriage behind her, Georgia’s life has changed completely. (...)
Married for a Month
Release date: 1999 Michael froze. Tired of sitting still after long hours in the plane, he had got to his feet when Emma went to answer the door, and was standing by the window, rubbing his neck wearily and wondering if he could (...)
Mistletoe Marriage
Release date: 2005 For Sophie Beckwith, Christmas this year means having to face the ex who dumped her and then married her sister! Only one person can help – her best friend Bram. Bram used to be engaged to Sophie’s sister. (...)
Moonshadow Man
Release date: 1995 Would Carey get away with it? Carey had agreed to impersonate her cousin Camilla. Would Dr. Drew Tarrant discover the deception? It would certainly be difficult to fool him (...)
Mr (Not Quite) Perfect
Journalist Allegra Fielding has a problem
Newlyweds of Convenience
Release date: 2008 For Better? Corporate wife Mallory McIver has promised her new husband a businesslike marriage, with no messy emotions involved. For Worse? Then Torr announces he’s moving to the Highlands of Scotland (...)
No Mistaking Love
Release date: 1993 When she discovered Luke Hardman was offering her a job she couldn't refuse, Kate had to think twice before accepting. Could she work for the ruthlessly successful businessman (...)
Oasis of the Heart
Release date: 1994 Max Falconer saw Cairo as a spoilt little rich girl, after she had tricked him into taking her on a trek across the North African desert. (...)
Oh-So-Sensible Secretary
Release date: 2010 Impossible boss prim assistant = a whole lot of sparks! You know when you meet the most gorgeous guy and get butterflies in your stomach? (...)
Ordinary Girl in a Tiara
Released 2011Newly singled Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life (and men), ordinary is good. Until her best friend, Princess Lotty, begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe of Montluce’s latest squeeze.
Outback Boss, City Bride
Release date: 2007 Meredith’s dubious gaze followed the pointing finger across the road to where a grim-looking man was just getting out of a battered truck. Not your typical Australian, was her first thought. (...)
Outback Bride
Release date: 1997 Without a word, Mal swung easily off the horse and led it into the paddock. Copper had to wait and watch as he took off the bridle and hung the saddle over the fence. (...)
Outback Husband
Release date: 1999 Juliet Laing couldn’t bring up twin toddlers and run her beloved cattle station single-handed. She needed a manager – and quickly. Cue Cal Jamieson. (...)
Part-Time Wife
Release date: 1996 I need a wife! If only Homer hadn't broken Ran Masterson's antique vase....but the devoted mongrel wasn't to know that his mistress couldn't afford to pay for the damage, except by offering her services (...)
Partner for Love
Release date: 1995Darcy discovered that the remote outback ranch she'd inherited - Cooper Anderson. It seemed he'd go to any lengths to get back his family home - even suffer Darcy's cooking.
Poseidon’s Daughter
Release date: 1993 Was he a twentieth-century pirate? It had been a dream come true — until Callie discovers that the villa she's supposed to house, sit on the tiny Greek island of Pikos is already occupied. (...)
Promoted to Wife and Mother
Release date: 2008 Perdita James resents wasting work time on a leadership course – especially when the personality quiz she takes reveals she’s an attention-seeking peacock! (...)
Temporary Engagement
Release date: 1998 The car slid to a halt exactly in line with the steps and the driver leapt smartly out to open the passenger door behind him (...)
The Baronet’s Wedding Engagement
When his sister Hope announces that she is going to marry a prince, Max is taken aback to discover that the royal wedding will take place not in stylish San Michele, but at their run-down family home, Hasebury Hall...
The Beckoning Flame
Release date: 1994 Reporter Gisella Pryde has an assignment - spend a night in the supposedly haunted Candle Room of Kilnacroish Castle to see if a ghost appears. But first she has to get the local laird's permission (...)
The Billionaire’s Blind Date
Release date: 2005 Single mum Nell is struggling to meet new men, but her friends have lined up a blind date with the man Nell should have married all those years ago. Now, he's got one day to persuade her to be his! (...)
The Blind-Date Proposal
Release date: 2003 Kate Savage has landed herself with the boss from hell – he may be gorgeous, in a brooding sort of way, but he’s on her case 24-7! Kate’s friends try cheering her up by arranging for her to go on a blind date (...)
The Convenient Fiancée
Release date: 1999 Family 'friends' Polly and Simon had never seen eye-to-eye! She'd grown up thinking he was a stuffed shirt, and he’d always disapproved of her reckless ways. When Simon tried to rescue her (...)
The Honeymoon Prize
Release date: 2002 Freya is determined to sort out her life before she hits thirty – if only to prove to her best friend, Max Thornton, that she’s perfectly capable of meeting a suitable man! (...)
The Right Kind of Man
Release date: 1994 Lorimer wanted an efficient, reliable PA, preferably one who could type! Skye Henderson didn’t seem to fit any of these criteria, but he didn’t have any other options. (...)
The Secret Princess
Release date: 2011 Frustrated with the merry-go-round of political dinners and enforced good behaviour, Lotty’s determined to try a normal life on for size. (...)
The Trouble with Love
Release date: 1992 “You’re the distracting type,” he said. Coming from any other man it would have been a compliment. Poppy was perfectly aware, however, that Dr. Keir Traherne definitely wasn’t flirting with her. (...)
The Wedding Challenge
Release date: 2002 City girl Bea is stranded in the Outback - without a shoe shop or a department store in sight! At least she's stuck there with a gorgeous man who seems ready for a challenge (...)
Under the Boss’s Mistletoe
Release date: 2009 In high school, Jake Trevelyan was Casie Grey’s dream rebel. He surfed, rode a motorbike – now he’s her new boss! It’s events planner Cassie’s job to transform Jake’s mansion into a snow-kissed wedding venue. (...)
We’ll Always Have Paris
Release date: 2012 Clara is a production assistant for a TV film-making company and she’s got a new project. Romance: Fact or Fiction is make-or-break for Clara’s future, and her first challenge is to get Simon Valentine (...)
Wedding at Waverley Creek
Release date: 2000 Jack Henderson was impossibly handsome, dangerously charming and way out of Ellie Walker's league! Jack's women were always glamorous, sophisticated, temporary. (...)
Release date: 1996 When Serena met Leo Kerslake at a wedding, sparks flew! Wearing a frilly bridesmaid’s dress was bad enough, but coping with Leo, the devastatingly attractive best man (...)
Woman at Willagong Creek
Release date: 1992 A hard man, a typical outback man – that was Guy Richardson. And he had no intention of letting David, his cousin’s orphaned son, be uprooted and dragged off to some strange country. (...)
Working Girl
Release date: 1996 Just when executive Phyllida Grant thought she’d hit rock bottom she met Jake Tregowan ... Having lost her job and her fiancé all in one day, it looked as if ake’s offer was her only option. (...)